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2016 Sema show


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Maxima displays their Mobile Column Lifts the Advance Clean Transportation Expo

The Advance Clean Transportation Expo (Act Expo) kicked off in Long Beach, Calif., on May 2, 2016 and ended on May 5, 2016. Over 250 exhibitors showcased their products at the Expo and among them waIMG_4676_Fotors Maxima, a professional manufacture of Heavy Duty Lifts.

Maxima debuted their Ali certified, battery powered mobile column lift, the ML-4030BC, with their booth mates, Complete Coach Works (CCW), the largest U.S. bus re-manufacturing company. CCW’s electric transit bus was in Maxima’s Heavy Duty Lift as Maxima’s Vice President, Sam Fielden, demonstrated the operation of the lift, stunning viewers as they watched the bus rise effortlessly in the air.

Maxima’s ML-4030BC Mobile Column lift’s configuration can vary, depending on the heavy duty lifting needs and has 16,500 lbs. lifting capacity per column. The ML-4030BC comes with a 24-volt DC electric hydraulic power unit and has adjustable wheel carriage fitting a vast amount of tire sizes.

Maxima entered into the automobile aftermarkets in 1992 and sells various lifts for heavy duty lifting. All of their Battery Operated lifts come standard with a Heavy Duty Gel Battery.

Fielden, says that he is happy with the success that they had at the show and looks forward to next year “Being Environmentally friendly is important to Maxima. I am happy that we are able to participate and exhibit our Mobile Column Lifts at the Act Expo show. Having Battery operated lifts for Heavy Duty Lifting saves time, increases revenue and does not pollute.”

For more information on Maxima’s mobile Column Lifts, please visit www.maximaproducts.com .

Press Release: New Marketing Manager


April 4, 4016, Azusa, Ca. –  MIT Automobile is proud to announce and welcome Aiyana Veiga as Maxima’s Marketing Manager and Sales Assistant. Veiga will be responsible for digital and print marketing, brand development, public relations, social media and advertising.

Veiga brings with her nearly six years of experience in digital and print marketing and five years of sales experience. She holds a B.S. in Mass Communications from the University of South Florida.

“We are excited to have Aiyana join our team,” says Vice President, Sam Fielden. “She is knowledgeable in creating branding strategies and is a digital marketing expert. We look forward to her expertise in increasing our social media presence. We are very proud to have her aboard.”

Maxima is a professional manufacturer of heavy duty vehicle lifts. Maxima entered into the automobile aftermarkets in 1992 and is one of the top suppliers of mobile lifting solutions in the world. For more information, contact Sam Fielden at 626-774-5701 or visit www.maximaproducts.com.

The 4 Safety “Must Dos” in Preventive Maintenance By Sam Fielden

Heavy-duty lifts are one of the most productive tools in a bus maintenance facility. Not only do they make the technician’s job easier by lifting a 30,000 -40,000- pound bus, but they can also increase a shop’s performance, revenue and safety. To make sure your Heavy-Duty Lift is operating safely, at full capacity, preventive maintenance is highly important. #1: Purchasing a lift –  Not all Heavy Duty Lifts are equal -One of the most important components when purchasing a lift is to make sure that it is an Automotive Lift Institute (ALI)-Certified lift- you can find this certification on the lift.

The ANSI (American National Standards Institute) is the testing standard that all ALI-validated lifts must meet. In fact, the newly revised IBC (International Building Code) now requires that ALL vehicle lifts meet the American National Safety Standard ANSI/ALI ALCTV (current edition)” Safety Standards for the Construction, Testing and Validation of Automotive Lifts.  All ALI-certified lifts are provided with an owner’s installation, operation and maintenance manual. The manual details operation safety standards, inspection and maintenance schedule for that specific lift. Information about operator training, as well as guidelines for hiring lift repairmen, including the qualifications that repairman should meet is also included with each lift.  With the variety of lifts available – from parallelograms to four-posts, in-grounds, mobile columns and more – installation, maintenance and operation can vary from lift to lift, so it is imperative to read the operators’ manual carefully.  The “Lift Safety Tips,” is another important visual aid that is included with all ALI-certified lifts. It details the “do’s” and “don’ts” of safe-lift operation. Keep in mind that the owner of the lift is responsible for ensuring that the lift meets current safety standards and that it is maintained properly.

#2: Daily inspections – Daily inspections are critical.  Daily inspections should include (but not limited to):  *Checking for oil leaks.  * Checking hoses, wires and cables to ensure they are not frayed, broken or leaking. * Checking the lift and the surrounding area to make sure it is clean and free of debris.

#3: Lift operations – The operators’ manual and ANSI safety requirements booklet each contain operator training logs. The “Lifting It Right Guide,” also published by the ALI, provides detailed information on everything from how to position vehicles on the lifts- to vehicle weight limits; proper lifting techniques; using the correct lifting points; and more. #4: Lift Yearly inspections and repairs The national safety standards require annual inspections, which are extremely detailed and can take up to an hour per lift. It is also important that annual inspections are conducted by a certified lift inspector. For information regarding certified lift inspectors in your area, visit http://www.autolift.org or contact your lift manufacturer. Should repairs be required, it is critical to only use OEM parts on ALI-certified lifts. Buying non-certified lift parts means that those parts have not been tested or validated.  If an operator elects to use non-OEM parts on a lift, the lift’s ALI certification is null and void.

Please Remember

  • A vehicle lift is a safety device that should be inspected daily.
  • Preventive Maintenance begins when you first purchase your lift- by making sure it is ALI Certified.
  • If you see a problem with your lift, report it immediately to a supervisor.

Maxima manufactures ALI validated lifts with many different lifting capabilities and configurations and

are proud to be an Automotive Lift Institute member.

Visit our website or call us to inquire about our products and preventative maintenance concerns.

Sam Fielden is Vice President of MIT Automobile Inc. Visit them online at http://www.maximaproducts.com or call 626-774-5700 to reach Sam Fielden directly